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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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darkness' cities. starting march tenth. this is deja vu news live from berlin no place to hide the un security council debates the slaughter of civilians and they sprawling suburb of damascus the situation for people besieged in eastern good tech is only getting worse with no respite from the brutal government airstrikes shelling is reaching new levels of
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intensity. also coming up give guns to trained teachers in the u.s. president donald trump suggests that could be a way to deter got attacked like last week's florida massacre but the campaign for tighter gun control grows. i'm sara kelly walk into the program the u.n. security council is debating a possible ceasefire in the suburb of eastern go to on the outskirts of the syrian capital damascus but russia has said there's no agreement so far the u.n. chief antonio good test has called the situation in eastern good to hell on earth for residents there is nowhere to hide from unrelenting airstrikes carried out by the forces of president bashar al assad his military says that it is targeting only what it calls terrorists but independent monitors say the shelling has killed more
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than four hundred civilians since sunday many of them children. hell on earth and there's no escape this hospital now a graveyard. government work planes have been pounding eastern cuba for the fifth consecutive day children are under siege in one of the most brutal bombardments this war has ever seen and some of the most. we were able to evacuate our patients or treat them. we had to do one of the operations under the rubble and if . we couldn't evacuate we had to do it under the rubble. reach is palpable speaking to germany's parliament chancellor angela merkel called the assad regime conduct a massacre. the horrifying events that we're seeing in syria the fight of one
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regime not against terrorists but against its own population killing children destroying hospitals all of these constitute a massacre which needs to be condemned and we say a clear no to this. but an opposition politician said that without action words are hollow. it's not enough just to say we are condemning it she said that germany try a bigger role there no idea what she's talking about i want to see consequences as the airstrikes continue relentlessly russia a key ally of the assad regime blames the rebels holding duty for the region's humanitarian crisis. and for more let's bring in dana abi she is a spokesperson for the un's world food program in the middle east and north africa she joins us this evening on the phone from the egyptian capital cairo welcome to
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you dina and i'd like to begin by first asking you about access when was the last time that the world food program was present in eastern and what are you hearing about the situation there now fifty . although it was we were trying to speak with a representative of the world food program there. she was joining us from cairo as we mentioned the situation in eastern good to is dire and we will try and get her back on the line a little later in the program but in the meantime would like to bring you some other stories that have been making news around the world because authorities in montenegro say that wednesday's attack on the u.s. embassy was by a yugoslav army veteran who survived the nato air bombing in one thousand nine hundred nine police say the man tossed a hand grenade into the embassy compound then killed himself the embassy reports
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its staff members are safe a german court has postponed to next week its ruling on whether big cities can ban heavily colluding diesel cars local courts and stood guard and have imposed such bans over poor air quality but those rulings have been appealed german carmakers are tracking the final decision closely as it could drastically affect their collective future. growth and kenya's high court today began hearing arguments challenging laws that target the gay lesbian bisexual and transgender communities a kenyan gay rights group says that criminalizing same sex relations between adults denies a basic human right and is therefore unconstitutional it's not clear when a ruling is expected. to the united states now and u.s. president donald trump has said that he will be strongly pushing for comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health for anyone buying guns that is
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something of a turnaround compared with trump's previous unwillingness to tighten gun control it follows an emotional meeting that he had with students and parents who had survived going to tax and in the wake of the massacre at a school in florida last week. this is the coffin of chris hailed a hero for trying to stop the shooter. he was given full military honors. the latest shooting has led to a raging debate on gun control the national rifle association the n.r.a. offered its solution to ending gun violence. stop bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a. school districts p.t.a. teachers unions local law enforcement mums and dads they all
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must conquer gather to implement the very best strategy talk harden their schools including of affective trained armed security that was absolutely protect every innocent child in this country. advocates a further gun control are demanding action be taken students protesting outside the white house this week said they were angry that school massacres have become commonplace and little has been done to stop them according to a gun control advocates the group there have been eighteen school shootings since the beginning of the year. president trump match with students and parents affected by school shootings he vowed to improve background checks and raise the minimum age for buying high powered weapons trump also toyed with the idea of arming teachers and school stuff which was criticized by opponents to gun violence he later clarified his comments on twitter saying he never said
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give teachers guns but instead said he was looking at the possibility of giving concealed guns to gun adept teachers. back in florida the family of chris hicks and like thousands of others in the united states every year is coming to terms with the consequences of gun violence in their society. the berlin international film festival is in its final days ahead of the bears being awarded this weekend that is the top honors at about ten and my colleagues melanie curry deval and bias fader are going to the movies for us thank you so much . guys what would we do without you of what has been calling god out there at the red carpet. well sarah right behind us in the belly not of the last is the premier for the movie museum happening right now it's a movie by. the us and it's based on true events set in mexico it's about two young
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friends who break into the national museum they break they break in they steal a lot of artifacts that what has a lot of money and what they do not expect is that the whole nation turns against them they are being seen as and patriotic enemies of the state something they do not expect and they really struggle with to have a bad conscious somewhat surprising is no surprise that we had today was you have an out of the star of the film actually showed up at the press conference we were not expecting him there and we got a lot of really interesting insights into the film during the press conference the director himself said that when he approached the families of the real people who were involved in the real heist back in the mid eighty's the family said they wanted nothing to do with the film and please don't make this film and the director said that this really freedom up to tell the story that he wanted to tell and one thing that he said that was very funny was while at the truth get in the way of a good story. oh ok well what to make about that one but in the meantime i mean
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that wasn't the only film that was being shown today what else have you guys seen. so one film that we saw this morning was the new documentary by the legendary swiss documentarian marcos imhoff called el dorado and it is about basically the process of becoming a refugee in europe and in what really got some unprecedented if not very impressive access to every single step of the bureaucratic process that it takes to become a refugee from being dragged out of the waters of the mediterranean to sitting in an office waiting to be rejected essentially for your asylum claim and he was telling us in the press conference today that his main aim was really to show the critical look in a very very critical way why there is this that the machinery of the machinery and he wanted to have a critical look at that and really show that the refugees are being exploited in
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the country and in europe as a whole so he feels very very passionate passionately about that and the main reason why he does so it's because of his own past no history and his family took in a refugee admiring the second world war we have a little bit more on that take a look. into. swiss director marcos first experience with refugees was as a child and world war two he will come across a group. of people come to me and this comes on the spot. to obama in whose memory of him to examine the plight of today's refugees. his film eldorado texas on a rescue mission in the mediterranean. like. the documentary take. a critical view of european asylum policies and the organizations
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that try to help my friends as well as the industries that exploit the. book before god this ends i'm sure. it's a quiet film about dashed hopes and a brutal reminder of the lives that for most europeans go unseen. so nother film that we saw today was a film called touch me not by the bulgarian director i didn't it aside the romanian director excuse me adding it. this is a film that was very close and motional and very it was the word i'm looking for explicit look at human sexuality that's true there is a lot of nudity in the movie and a lot of explicit sex scenes as well what makes it really interesting that it's not just about the intimacy of heterosexual couples and there are also other couples
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and transgender people severely disabled people speaking out about intimacy and intimacy problems and so that's really really interesting take but there are blood lines between a documentary and fiction and what we should mention is that that he is one of only four women directors whose films are in the competition section of the ballet now the other sections of the bailing out i have about forty percent female directors but the competition's actually has a reason got a little bit worse on that so we're pulling for a woman to at least win best director here area and four out of nineteen in that competition i understand thank you so much and also melanie cora deval both of you there at the red carpet we appreciate it. well nigerian authorities say the schoolgirls who were unaccounted for following a boko haram attack on monday are still missing this comes after earlier reports suggested that some of them had been rescued dozens of girls from
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a state run boarding school in. you'll be state are thought to have been abducted by the extremists the disappearance has fucked fears of a repeat of the two thousand and fourteen mass kidnapping of more than two hundred girls from chuck. did abuse west africa correspondent adrienne krishna filed this report from the you'll be state capital on the tour although the attack on the school already happened on monday evening up till now there's still a lot of unanswered questions on wednesday the nigerian military claims that some of the girls were rescued but today the governor of the state went to deputy to the village and he visited the school as well to meet the parents but he told them that he did not hear any news of students being rescued so of course some of the parents became very angry they booted the governor first the time when they left the place with their convoy some even started to smash some of the car windows to the moods turned quite violence but to some people here this anger is understandable because
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there has been not an appropriate reaction so far even the number of the students who are missing us it's not yet clear up til now we have had numbers from fifty up to one hundred eleven students who were missing different all thirty's give different numbers today the parents gave the governor a list with one hundred and one names of. that was chris reporting for us bit earlier up to date now on g w news i'm sarah kelly in berlin and i hope to see you again soon. henry one mine is made by you better known as nellie was deja vu steve forbes you tube channel if you have old keyboards see bands of the old stories let me update tournaments on the to go on because when you challenge about that you should better check it out yourself.

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